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It is relatively recent that the code of ethics has permitted the publishing of testimonials or endorsements. The Mind Studio is happy to share with you when clients feel the need to express their thanks and gratitude about their individual experiences with us. We will also not shy away from publishing less positive comments should we receive them, we are confident that these will be very few  and hopefully none at all.

High- ranking Director of a global hotel group (Confidential)

“Forgive my late response but I needed to gather my thoughts on what I wanted to say to you. Firstly, officially, I want to thank you for a very illuminating and thought-provoking presentation. Everyone felt they gained so much from your talk. You opened their minds to things they found inspiring. Now my personal thoughts. You inspired me so effectively that I have made a career choice to accept a much higher and challenging role elsewhere. Obviously, this is extremely confidential, but I have to thank you for some extraordinary enlightenment”

Executive who wanted a complete career change having taken a global professional association through a massive organisational change.

Peter spent an entire afternoon with me coaching and helping me think through where am I in my life and career, where do I want to be?  He gave structure to my thinking and 2 weeks later I enrolled in a PHD program.  I left Peter's office knowing where I wanted to go.  He helped me to focus on the longer direction instead of getting bogged down in what’s right now.”

CEO of creative organisation realigning both life and career:

“Peter has one of if not THE most experienced minds I have ever come across. When he speaks to people they feel safe, informed and never intimidated.”

Successful executive from an international publishing company going through big change in their life:

Peter is a tremendous listener. When you are in his presence and it is you that is speaking, you are certain that Peter is focusing every bit of his attention on you and what you are saying. For a communicator and a coach, the ability not just to listen and take in what others are saying but to make the other party/ parties feel listened to is vital. Peter is exceptional at this.”

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Hiya Bucks is a free magazine for the Amersham area and published this lovely article about the Mind Studio in their August issue. If you are unable to read the screen shot opposite please click on the article and it will redirect you to the on-line version, where you will need to go to page 28. Page 29 is an article on the Holistic Studio, a partner with the Mind Studio. Mind and body in unison. Think Well - Live Well.

Thank you Hiya!


Lesley from  Amersham  writes...

"I have seen Jackie twice for insomnia and my sleep pattern has significantly improved, which has had a huge impact on the quality of my everyday life and health.
Jackie used a variety of relaxing techniques and talked me through everything in detail. Her professional, caring and attentive approach was brilliant, plus the bespoke CD she provided afterwards, enabled me to continue with and reinforce the positive changes achieved. I have recommended Jackie to friends, and they to are reaping the benefits."

 Sarina responds to Mind Studio

"I must admit that I was a little sceptical about hypnotheraphy and I approached my first session with apprehension. But any nerves quickly disappeared as John had a lovely warm manner that put me at ease very quickly. John acted as a guide in my journey of discovery about myself and my patterns of behaviour and set in motion a new way of thinking that, I believe, I would not have found myself. Also I was surprised at how few sessions were required before I started to notice their effectiveness with revelations unfolding every week. John, I thank you for shining a light and helping me along my path."

.Pete from Beaconsfield writes...

"I had tried other forms of therapy including CBT. A friend recommended Jackie at The Mind Studio. Her approach with Cognitive Hypnotherapy was so different and her caring attitude helped me to feel safe to deal with my issues. I no longer take the antidepressants and I am looking forward in a way that I never could. There was a lovely supportive atmosphere at The Mind Studio and I also got great support outside of my sessions with email and MP3 recordings which I found really helpful. Thank you."

Tracey wrote to Mind Studio to say...

"Mind Studio was recommended to me by a friend, and I went there to help me deal with some anxiety and stress issues. John was really easy to open up to, he made me feel relaxed and calm and to really focus on my thoughts, and most importantly to understand why I was feeling the way I was. Just a couple of sessions was all I needed to make me feel better, and John recommended a number of ongoing techniques to help me turn those feelings into positive ones. Recognising that we need help and seeking that help is a brave and conscious thing to do, and I would strongly recommend John to my friends and family."

Vicki tells the Mind Studio about her Hypno-Birthing... 

"I visited the Mind Studio for hypo-birthing during my pregnancy. The Mind Studio has a welcoming environment and I felt comfortable sharing my feelings about the impending birth! With a few sessions and a tailored audio recording I was able to remain calm and positive during my labour. Even the midwife commented afterwards saying what a calm atmosphere there had been during my labour. Thank you Mind Studios!"

 Chester left this review on the Mind Studio Facebook Page...

She's amazing. So pleased I got the opportunity to attend some sessions with Jackie.

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