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Perception the online Cognitive Hypnotherapy magazine by QCHPA


From the online perception magazine for Cognitive Hypnotherapy, Trevor Silvester announces the release of his new book, Grow, from which the principles of the Mind Studio 'Growing Minds' programme is based.



Perception the online Cognitive Hypnotherapy magazine by QCHPA


From the online perception magazine for Cognitive Hypnotherapy, a great and simple explanation of what CogHyp is and how it can help you as an individual. A must see.

Autumn 2016 issue

In our latest issue Trevor Silvester helps you understand why sometimes you end up getting the exact opposite of what you want from life; how you can change your thinking and understanding of what drives unconscious behaviours to help you get more from your life. Do you get anxious or overwhelmed with nerves when going for a job interview? Lynne Wilkins shares some great insights into the interview process and how to get those nerves under control. If the mention of incy wincy spider make you want to flee from the room, Sarah Ariss shares a spider phobia case study that can help you understand how Cognitive Hypnotherapy can work with you so you no longer have to experience that fear. We also have a regular piece on Random Acts of Kindness and in this issue Lesley McCall offers some advice to parents about how to use kindness to tame your teenagers and keep themselves sane. If you’re not quite a teenage parent yet but you have little ones running around your feet all day – then Dawn Walton provides you with a Kids Corner story that you can share with your little ones to help them understand some of the things life might throw at them.

Perception the online Cognitive Hypnotherapy magazine by QCHPA


Police psychological sick leave up 35% in five years

Police Stress

Police Stress levels escalate, it could also happen to you say Mind Studio

Here at the Mind Studio we deal daily with clients suffering from stress, anxiety and the perceived inability to cope with many things. It may be the stress placed upon them at work, as highlighted in the BBC article on escalating Police levels of stress related sickness, it may be family issues, relationships or money worries. Stress, anxiety and depression can be effectively treated and managed, the Mind Studio can help as specialists in this field, empirical research carried out has shown the methods used by Cognitive Hypnotherapy to be successful in approximately 70% of cases. Read more here.

Read the BBC article here.

Mind Studio's Jackie Bastin on Chiltern Voice 87.9fm

Jackie was asked to make a guest appearance on Chiltern Voice radio station on 87.9fm a newly formed community based station. She was the guest of Mimi Harker OBE the Chair of Chiltern District Council, on Valentine's day to talk about relationships and love.
In addition she also spoke about the therapy she has been doing with Mimi for her Sports Challenge to learn to swim, and swim a width of Amersham swimming pool. Mimi has a deep rooted fear of water from a young age when she nearly drowned, with the help of the Mind Studio she will overcome this fear.
Listen to the recording of the show and potentially improve your understanding of your relationships and why your partner does or doesn't do what you are seeking...

Mind Studio Supports Kate Middleton's Views

The health of our minds starts at the beginning. We are born without beliefs. As children we apply meaning to situations and the unconscious mind begins filtering information in order to protect us and help us survive. Beliefs are formed which drive our behaviour and emotional responses. As parents, teachers, and those who influence these beliefs we have a duty of care to ensure our children’s minds are filled with positive beliefs that they are good enough and loved. At the Mind Studio we often see adults whose lives are restricted from limiting beliefs formed back in childhood. We help to re-programme the negative unconscious beliefs but our goal is to ensure that today’s children begin their lives with healthy positive minds. See our workshops to learn more about how you can influence your child’s mind.


All In The Mind – BBC Radio 4

BBC Radio 4’s All In the Mind show, with Claudia Hammond, finds out why astronauts' experiences of seeing Earth from space can have profound effects on their feelings towards planet Earth. She discusses how perspective changes your views, something that we are looking to change when working with our clients at the Mind Studio. Listen here (28mins).

 How do you see your world?

How fast are you travelling through your life? How would it be to stop for a moment and appreciate what is around you? Now expand your attention across more of your life, look back, look forward and then bring your attention back to now. How does that change your perspective on the things you were rushing to do? In the bigger picture what is really important in your life? If you are struggling with your current perception of you or your life then remember it is not truth just your reality based on your current perception. Perception can change and so can your reality. If you want to know how then get in touch as we can guide you through that process of change.



Appreciation has a profound effect on the filters of the Mind

This is an interesting talk from David Steindl-Rast, Benedictine Monk about the ‘gentle power of gratefulness'. Try implementing this in to your day. You can do this for yourself, teach it to your children, doing it with your family. At the end of the day look back and find three things that you appreciate about your day. Write them down or share with friends. You may be surprised at how many more you find as the week goes by but choose the best three. Become aware of how this changes what you notice in your day as your mind begins to filter positivity from your day. You can also learn about what other people in your life appreciate and be part of making their day one to appreciate. Go to iTunes App store to download the free '3 Gifts' App created by a fellow Quest Trained Cognitive Hypnotherapist.

David Steindl-Rast, an interesting talk about the ‘gentle power of gratefulness'


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