Growing Minds Programme

“building a spirit of resourcefulness and resilience”



The Growing Minds Programme has brought together for the first time two important concepts. Carol Dweck’s Growth Mindset promoting learning and success, together with Trevor Silvester’s Cognitive Mind Model derived from the most recent research in neuroscience, NLP and positive psychology.

These two concepts draw on years of classroom based and scientific research, exploring both the mechanics of the mind and the many influences on the mindset of our children. Our programme has been tailored to resource you in the crucial role of being a positive influence on the mindset of your children and will provide you with the insight, knowledge and tools to equip your children in the most powerful way for their education and life beyond.

Growing Minds Programme - Introductory Video

What will you learn?

The programme is divided up in to three 2-hour modules. Each module will build up an awareness of how the mind works, why we are all different and help you to understand what influences our behaviour, emotions and perception of ourselves and the world. All modules have been specifically designed so that they can be attended as stand-alone modules but full benefit will be reached by attending all three modules. They will be presented by the founder of the Growing Minds Programme and senior therapist, Jackie Bastin. As well as fun and interactive, they will be supported by online material and MP3 downloads. Take a look at some of the course content below…


Module 1   Understanding You

How does your mind work

Growing through the ages

Growth Mindset versus Fixed Mindset

Why do we think differently, feel differently and behave differently

Understanding the foundations for confidence and self-esteem

Module 2    Understanding Them

How are they different from you?

Positive communication and the power of language

Explore the power of perception

Why growing a resilient child takes bravery

Module 3   Growth for Success

Conquering performance anxiety and maximising learning potential

Exploring the role of the mind/body connection

Growing positive habits

What can you influence and how?


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