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Why Cognitive Hypnotherapy?

Cognitive Hypnotherapy is a scientific approach to hypnosis and therapy, based on the most effective elements from many different disciplines, such as cognitive science, neuroscience, positive psychotherapy, NLP and Mindfulness to name a few. It is an extremely flexible approach, constantly evolving as our knowledge of the human mind advances.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy is also modern and more flexible approach than traditional hypnotherapy. Instead of reading repetitive scripts whilst the client is in trance, it tailors the treatment to their individual needs and issues. We are unique in our use of a specialist language known as “wordweaving™”, a hypnotic language developed by Trevor Silvester, the founder of Cognitive Hypnotherapy.

as you think, so shall you become-Bruce Lee

The goal is to utilise the client’s own perceptions (of which trance states are taken to be an everyday part) to bring about effective change at both unconscious and conscious levels. The term trance can often sound scary and be misunderstood. In Cognitive Hypnotherapy we believe that trance states are part of the normal experience of being human. Have you ever been driving along and realised that your mind has been somewhere else whilst doing part of the journey? Have you ever wondered who was driving the car? Well the answer is your unconscious. We all react to situations unconsciously, sometimes in a helpful way, but sometimes in an unhelpful way. Often we consciously know what to do but instead find ourselves responding to unconscious information programmed from past experiences. For instance, the middle-aged man consciously knows the spider cannot hurt him, but still finds he runs with fear from the unconscious perceived threat.

over 90% of everything that we do, originates in our subconscious

The unconscious acts as a protective device whose purpose is to keep you safe. Moment to moment it is processing millions of bits of information received from your senses, filtering them with the purpose of determining what in your environment is likely to bring you pain or pleasure. Without ever realising it, we find ourselves motivated to move towards things (people, activities, behaviour) which our unconscious believes are good for us (on the basis of past experience), avoiding things it believes will bring us harm. Cognitive Hypnotherapy employs techniques to modify these patterns so the client is able to take control of their behaviour. Within NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) there is an understanding that we all work within our own "model of the world". As Cognitive Hypnotherapists, our role is to work within your unique "model of the world" to understand the route of your issues. Together we can reach your goal in the fastest and most effective way to bring about permanent positive change.

A Genuinely Evidence-based Approach.

A research project conducted by The Quest Institute into the effectiveness of our approach has been published in an esteemed peer-reviewed publication.

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