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Covid-19 Update - 28 June 2020


The Mind Studio is now fully open for appointments.

This decision is in line with the most recent advice from the UK government.

The Mind Studio will continue to ensure that all clients are comfortable with the therapeutic environment and remain safe within the guidelines.

The Mind Studio practitioners are still able to offer help and support to clients whose preference maybe via the internet with one to one on-line therapy sessions. Many sessions have previously been conducted in this way, therefore we are familiar with this method of delivery.

Please contact your chosen therapist directly to make arrangements for a internet session and what media is most convenient to use, such as FaceTime, WhatsApp, Skype, Zoom etc...

The Mind Studio encourages everybody to adhere to the government advice in keeping themselves and others safe.


The Mind Studio Centre of Wellbeing was created to provide a professional environment for you to access the skills of dedicated practitioners who can help you to achieve the essential changes for growth.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy and all it stands for is at the heart of the Mind Studio, your minds matter and wellbeing is the core value of the Mind Studio. We believe that to live well you need to think well. How you think and what you think impacts on your emotional responses and your behaviour which in turn impacts on your health, your wellbeing and your life.

Partners in the Mind Studio, Jackie Bastin and Peter Penny offer a breadth of experience to assist clients in their change. With a combination of Cognitive Hypnotherapy and Life/Career Coaching skills they can assess your therapeutic needs, re-programme unwanted emotions and behaviour, guiding you towards a better you and a better life. They have carefully selected skilled practitioners to provide a choice of therapeutic methodologies and holistic treatments to complement your needs.

It takes bravery to change but with the caring support of skilled professionals in a safe environment, you can be guided through that process to achieve your personal goals and freedom from unwanted patterns. Together we can explore what is holding you back, tailor a specific programme to your needs and guide you in the best possible holistic approach to promote your wellbeing.


• A highly qualified and insured team of professionals
• A safe and nurturing place for change
• A choice of therapeutic methodologies
• A truly holistic approach to your wellbeing
• Bespoke, individually tailored one-to-one sessions
• Workshops and retreats

• Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy
• Life/Career Coaching
• Psychotherapy
• Nutrition
• Holistic Massage treatments
• Reflexology

Are you ready to truly live your life?


Jackie Bastin HPD, DipCHyp, NLP MasterPrac, Partner Mind Studio.

Jackie is a Founder Partner of the Mind Studio, Cognitive Hypnotherapist and Transformational Coach.  Her evidence-based approach with clients assists them in uncovering and re-programming beliefs that are limiting their lives, transforming unwanted emotions and behaviour patterns. She is highly experienced and offers one-to-one bespoke sessions, couples and family sessions. Jackie also runs workshops and transformational retreats bringing together the combined skills of the Mind Studio’s Practitioners.

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Peter Penny, Life, Career and Adventure Coach, Partner Mind Studio

Peter is a Partner in the Mind Studio, Life, Career and Adventure Coach. Life mentoring is not about you being superhuman, it is about you being outside the “norm”, doing life in a way that inspires you and fulfils your every ambition. Peter brings a wealth of qualifications and his own extraordinary life experience, in business, film and exploration, to help others realign their life and to live the adventures they dreamed of. Peter offers one-to-one sessions, group work and partners with Jackie in presenting Mind Studio workshops and retreats.

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Emma Bastin, Holistic Therapist, Owner Holistic Studio

The Holistic Studio is incorporated with the Mind Studio. Emma is a highly qualified and experienced  Therapist bringing a truly holistic approach to your wellbeing. No session is the same, her clients have treatments tailored to their needs and Emma’s wealth of experience can guide you through the physical changes to enhance your wellbeing through body and mind. She specialises in reflexology, pregnancy care and fertility and is able to provide bespoke mind/body packages with Jackie in these areas.

Treatments With Emma...

Pregnancy…fertility…Aromatherapy massage…reflexology…cancer care…facials...


Associated Practitioners

Our Associated Practitioners allow us to provide our clients with a breadth of therapeutic methodologies within the Mind Studio Centre of Wellbeing. No single method is right for everyone, and if you are uncertain as to which type of therapy may help you to bring about the changes you desire, please contact us at We would be delighted to discuss your needs and guide you in the right direction.

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Cognitive Hypnotherapy…Clinical Psychology…Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy…Schema Therapy…Cognitive Behavioural Therapy...Nutrition...


think well•live well

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