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Cognitive Hypnotherapy for a better life
think well•live well

John Parry home Leaning
John Parry

Here at the Mind Studio we believe that to live well you need to think well. How we think and what we think impacts on our emotional responses and our behaviour which in turn impacts on our lives. As highly qualified Cognitive Hypnotherapists our training and experience enables us to facilitate the changes you desire. Whether you seek help with anxiety, confidence, performance, addictions, weight control, fertility or one of the many other areas in which we work, we can help you.

To change our minds we need to understand our minds. At the Mind Studio you can be assured of a supportive, friendly environment in which to work on a one to one basis with us or one of our Quest trained Cognitive Hypnotherapists. Here you will receive bespoke sessions, tailored to your needs. We also offer educational sessions and workshops where there will be an opportunity to learn about your mind, how it impacts you and your life and how permanent change through unconscious re-programming can be achieved using Cognitive Hypnotherapy.

Jackie Bastin Home Leaning
Jackie Bastin

think well•live well

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